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Aaron Holm, known to those close to him as The Wizard, is the founder and CEO of NFG Manufacturing. He is a lifelong skateboarder and a PhD chemist with over 15 years of R&D experience in the heart of Silicon Valley. After a highly rewarding time working in the manufacturing sector of the skateboard industry, he decided it was time to branch out on his own with a personal vision for the next evolution in high performance skateboard wheels.

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The NFG Formula

52 D duroTeardrop - Square - Vee
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The color of the wheels vary in a spectrum of natural urethane color

​All products are made in the USA by the hands of skateboarders.

Each batch is unique.

Our wheels were designed with the highest quality materials

combined with scientific custom formulas only the wizard can provide.

NFG does not use traditional urethane wheel manufacturing methods and

are unlike any other wheel on the market.

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Mission Statement

NFG Manufacturing is a unique group of passionate skateboarders, committed to applying our science and engineering experience to create products we stand behind, ensuring that skateboarding remains in the hands of skateboarders from creation to execution.

About Us

The Wizard

NFG Manufacturing is a skater owned manufacturing company proudly based in the SF Bay Area that creates and produces unique and original high performance urethane skateboard wheels. Our wheels optimize performance over appearance allowing skaters to truly define how they want to skate. All aspects of NFG | MFG production, including urethane formulations, wheel designs, and manufacturing methods, are exclusively developed in-house by skaters for skaters.

The NFG | MFG formula and his own personal wheel designs were born out of numerous sleepless nights in his lab shedding countless sums of blood, sweat, and tears. The result is a new and truly unique, no-nonsense, high performance urethane skateboard wheel.

No fucks given.