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Our wheels have been tested and approved

on the hills of San Francisco, crusty bowls, and skate parks.

Ready when you are.


Made from the tears of

those longing for this sorta shape.


the Teardrop shape emerged..

The Teardrop shape offers a self-commanding slide on flat and less drag in grinds. A 52D scale durometer. Our formula provides a superior rebound with minimal hysteresis, meaning after high performance wear and tear, it will rebound to its orginal round shape faster.

NFG 54mm TD Detail.JPG
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"Recta quadrato.."

the shape is Square

its a square shape! 

The Square shape offers an even self-commanding slide with the right amount of grip. using the same 52D formula with superior rebound and minimal hysteresis.

54mm Square Towel.jpg
NFGManufacturing LOGO 2.png


Our Vee shape is shaped like a V. 

Very Good ! . . .

The Vee shape offers a self-commanding slide with more grip from the lip. Our tried and true 52D formula. Including all the a superior rebound with minimal hysteresis you would expect from a NFG creation.

56mm vee bearings 3.jpg
54mm Vee Detail.jpg
NFGManufacturing LOGO 2.png