Philosopher Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Philosopher Long Sleeve T-Shirt


100% cotton long sleeve t-shirt with front and back screen printed graphic.



  • The Philosophers Stone

    Consisting of a large circle with a triangle inside it with each point touching the circle. Within the triangle is a square with a circle inside. The large circle represents the heavens or universe. The triangle represents the ether or spirit world, the collective consciousness of everyone and everything. It is in balance with the universe. The square represents the Earth and the four courners represent the four elements. Within the square lies the anwser the symbol is leading us to. The circle inside is the individual or fifth element. 

    Our Caput Mortuum symbol in the center, represents the dead head, bottom of the barrel, left overs, that is skateboarding. Bubbling up from these remains of numerous alchemical mixtures, the wizard brings you a unique urethane formula unlike any other available.

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