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Our shipping policy is to ship products within 2-3 days from the day you place your order depending on inventory and maturity of wheels.  We rotate our inventory based on aging and maturity of our wheels. We age our wheels to retain their full color and resilience of the urethane before shipping.  Our goal is to ship high quality fully baked and cured wheels.

Return & Exchange Policy

If you are dissatisfied with our products for any reason you may return your product by contacting  Please provide proof of purchase, receipt and date of purchase.  We will send you a RMA (Return Merchandise Approval) number.   You agree to pay for any costs incurred for the return of the product.  Upon receipt of the product we will inspect the product and either provide you with a replacement product correcting any defect or problem or provide you with a refund based on the wear of the product, based on NFG's product inspectors. A refund will be issued and processed within 30 days of the submission of all items specified above. 

Please contact us at for any questions or comments regarding our policy.

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