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Bossman CEO

My names Aaron that’s all you need to know :)

Insta: @nfg_mfg

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NFG Team Rider

Preferred pronouns


Where are you from, where are you now? Central CA 


How long have you skated for? 

2 years 

Favorite spot?

Newark  :) 


Whats your current set up? 

Moxi Jack Boot 

Avanti Magnesium  plate 

Wild bones plate sliders 

Penny trucks 

NFG MFG wheels!! 

Reds bearings 

Moxi break petal toe stops 


favorite skaters/influences? 

My Friends! 

Insta: @abrisk8s

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NFG Team Rider

Preferred pronouns: They/she

Where are you from, where are you now?: From the bay, still here 

How long have you skated for? 2 years 

Favorite spot? SLO skate park!

Current set up: Moxi jack boot, avanti magnesium plate, Moxi what trucks, CIB slide blocks, NFG bushings and wheels, Moxi break petal toe stops 

Fav skaters: All the brown girls doing it! Cecilia Andrea, Moco, Luz Alen, @turount on IG, Nena Becerra and my homies Abri and Gisel :) 

Hometown hero: Babygirldee! She's inspired me since day one

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NFG Team Rider

Preferred pronouns: She /They


Where are you from, where are you now?

I am from El Sobrante/ Richmond, I currently live in San Jose 


How long have you skated for? 

I have been quad skating since May 2020, Almost 2 years


Favorite spot? 

Newark Skate Park


Whats your current set up? 

Moxi Jack2  in Lavender, Sunlite plate, XOXO wide trucks, Rose tear drop NFG MFG Wheels, Bones Bearings, Chaya Bomb toe stops, and derby laces 


favorite skaters/influences? 

Estrogen, BarbiePatin, Ragnaroll, my skateboard friends, Nicoly Machado, Fabiola DeSilva, Spicy Ivey


Any hometown hero’s you looked up to?



Hobby other than skating? 

Roller blading, rock climbing, surfing, swimming, skateboarding, graphic design


Any quote you want

“There goes Alli Oops”

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 Insta: @allisk8s__



NFG Team Rider

From: Jerome, Idaho
Now: Sebastopol, CA
Been skating for 10+yrs
Fav spot: Treasure island or Bobs
Current setup: Anti-Hero Cardiel 8.67, Ace 55’s, NFG 56mm Vee Cut
Fav skaters: Tony Trujillo, John Cardiel
Hometown hero: Andrew Sheppard
Hobbies: gardening, adventuring
Sponsors: NFG, 1330brand

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NFG Team Rider

Name : Ashley / Baedestrian

Pronouns : She/her/they/them

Where are you from, where are you now? : The Bay

How long have you skated for? On and off my whole life

Favorite spot? Probably Newark lol

Whats your current set up? 

Moxi Jack Boots

Avanti Magnesium Plate

Xoxo Wide trucks

Reds bearings

NFG MFG wheels 

favorite skaters/influences? The homies

Any hometown hero’s you looked up to? My brothers

Hobby other than skating? Photography

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Insta: @Baedestrian



NFG Team Rider

Where are you from, where are you now? Fremont Ca
How long have you skated for? 8 years
Favorite spot? San Francisco
Whats your current set up? Thunder Trucks, NFG wheels,Redcurbs deck
favorite skaters/influences? Sebo Walker, Ray Barbee
Any hometown hero’s you looked up to? All my friends over the years
Hobby other than skating? Piano, Fishing
Any quote you want
“All these haters just prayin on my downfall” -Aaron Holm
Current Sponsors: NFG wheels, RedCurbs skateshop

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NFG Team Rider

Im from Michoacan Morelia Mexico. Currently living in Fremont CA. 

Ive been skating for 11-12 years 

My favorite spot is the union city ledges at John F Kennedy park

Current Set up is Redcurbs Skateshop deck 8.5, nfg 54 square wheels, Swiss Bearings, independent trucks 

Jerry Hsu and Tom Penny are my favorite skaters 

Hometown heroes are Omar Reyes, Shaun Hernandez, Adrian Pacias, Andy Ho, Nathan Warf and everyone associated with Cold Gravy, Caliskates

I rap I make personal rap songs on the side that I post on soundcloud @chriscab 

“Montgirls for life baby”


Sponsors: Redcurbs Skateshop, NFGMFG are my current sponsors/affiliations

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NFG Team Rider

From: San Jose CA
Location: San Diego CA
Favorite spot: Flowershop
Current Affiliations: Manak Skates, NFG Wheels, Red Curbs, Switch
Supply, and Diamond Grind

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 Insta: @erichutch_



NFG Team Rider

I grew up in Brisbane, Ca, though I now live In San Mateo.

I’ve been skating for nearly 11 years, as my mom used to skate and had me on a board from an early age.

My favorite spot at the moment is San Mateo city hall, as I’ve been having some pretty fun rainy day seshes there.

My setup is mob grip on an April Skateboards deck with Indy Hollows, Indy soft bushings, NFG 54 Vee wheels, and Bones Reds.

My favorite skater is probably Shaun Baptista, who comes to my local parks sometimes and destroys them.

My other hobbies include mountain biking and skiing.

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 Insta: @sicknastyethan_


NFG Team Rider

I’m From the bay area and currently residing in Oakland.

I have been skating for almost 4 years.

Right now im riding a riedell 336 boot on avanti mag plates with stock trucks. nfg mfg quad stock wheels with bionic toe stops and cib slide blocks. 

Although I’m local to Oakland, my favorite spots are the Fremont and Newark skateparks. They were so friendly to me as a baby skater back in 2018 and ive grown a lot there. 

All of my influences come from my friends and local skaters. I got back in skating as an adult with the help of @babygirldee 

Another hobby of mine is that I am a collective member at Bound Together Bookstore. An anti profit, volunteer run bookstore in the lower haight that carries specifically literature and theory in radical leftist / anarchist politics. 

“Like a bullet through a flock of doves” 

-My Chemical Romance 

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Insta: @plantstickerz

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NFG Team Rider

Im from Hayward California now im at Fremont California I’ve been skating for 12 years now favorite spot is Fremont skate park has good flow and a great community. My current set up is anti hero 8.75 ace trucks 66s nfg 60v and Bronson barrings. My favorite skaters/influences John worthington and prob jimmy wilkins. I have a few home town hero’s so many people taught me what I know now but kevin Reynolds always pushing me to do better. My other hobbies are cooking and fixing cars (Skate fast and eat ass) current affiliations nfg nfg and 1330

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Insta: @switchmallgrab420

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Small Time Skateboard Guy, Big Time Business Man

Where are you from, where are you now?
I grew up in Fort Bragg, CA and now I reside in the Sunset District of San Francisco.

How long have you skated for?
20 years

Favorite spot? 
The curbs at De Young Museum are a good time no matter what. Golden Gate Park is rad for skatan and kickin it in general, too.

Whats your current set up?
8.25” Endless Deck, NFG 52D 54mm Square Wheels, AF1 Ace Trucks, Bones Reds Bearings, Syrias Hardware

favorite skaters/influences?
Daniel Rasheed, Tyler Stonestrom, Joel Jutagir, Eli P Williams, Jerome Neal, Elizabeth Hewlett, Samarria Brevard, John Dilo, Karl Watson, Dennis Busenitz

Any hometown hero’s you looked up to?
DANIEL RASHEED, Josh Tsujimara, Paul Oliphant, Brady Baumgartner, Jesse Richardson, Brandon Burghduff, Pedro Ahumada, Orion Busby, Dale Thorn, Lance Folley, I could go on forever…

Hobby other than skating?
I like shooting photos and videos, which almost always relates back to skateboarding haha. I like being outside with friends and fam. One of my favorite things to do is walk on the beach with my girlfriend Liz while we collect fancy rocks and seashells.

Any quote you want..
Everything is everything

Current affiliations/sponsors
NFG MFG, Endless Skateboards, Syrias Hardware

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Insta: @Julianleongibson



NFG Team Rider

Born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. Still here skating!

10 years steady, 16 altogether

A ditch

8.25” Decommission (@_dcmmssn_) Deck, 149 Independent Hollow Trucks, 54mm V Shape NFG Wheels, Bronson G3 Bearings, Shake Junt Hardware, whatever grip tape is at the local shop (@surfinbirdskateshop)

Favorite skaters growing  would have to be Chris Cole and Jon Dickson. Today, I’d say Joe Milazzo and AJ Zavala

Hometown heroes are for sure Adam and Alex Barnett (@thistwinskates and @thistwinfilms) and of course Dave Witt (@davewitt_)

I play drums and do vocals in Automated Terror Machine (atmappleton.bandcamp.com) and make collages (@szcratch)

Don Nuge Nguyen said it best: “there’s no winners, we’re all losers. Go straight; if anything gets in your way, turn.”

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 Insta: @erichutch_



NFG Team Rider

I’m from east palo alto grew up there and recently moved to the modesto area.
I’ve been skating for about 12 years now.
Favorite spot would be skating anywhere in the city
My current setup is a Paradigm skateboard size 8.6, independent trucks and some
55 mm NFG 95A formulas (been loving the way these feel ever since i got them wether i’m out in the streets or just at a local park they feel grippy enough and still able to power slide comfortably.
Favorite skaters would be frankly villani and jimmy wilkins just gotta have both street n transition skating in there.
Definitely was influenced by jam douglas a redwood head prob has one of the cleanest style i’ve ever seen and overall a great individual to watch skate!
Mhmm been trying to learn how to draw more on my free time shits hard sometimes aha.
A quote for me… Stay out the mix n enjoy what makes you happy.

Current sponsors for me would Be NFG and my homies board brand called Paradigm

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 Insta: @maaarnandez



NFG Team Rider

Where are you from, where are you now?

Born and currently based in Oakland, CA! 


How long have you skated for? 

I got my first pair of skates in September 2020 and I started park skating in January 2021. 


Favorite spot? 

To skate? Newark Skatepark because I love me some smooth concrete. In general? Brooklyn Basin in Oakland and Indian Rock Park in Berkeley are pretty sweet. 


Whats your current set up? 

I’m riding on vegan Bonts Parkstars with sunlite plates, Bigfoot slide blocks, Penny 3 inch trucks, and NFG 54mm teardrop wheels. I recently got and am currently breaking in some grey Riedell 336 skates with an Avanti Magnesium plate and Wildbones plate sliders that I hope to dedicate for the skateparks while I use my Bonts for the streets. 


favorite skaters/influences? 

A lot of folks on this team continue to inspire me! I met Mo and Victoria at the Fremont Skatepark when I first started park skating, and others I came across on instagram first. Man, the awe I felt watching all of these skaters shred and realizing how limitless quad skating is! I specifically remember seeing Abri (@abrisk8s) do a top soul in a skate edit, and that ended up becoming my fave grind. 


Also heavily inspired by the rollerblading community. I blade a little and picked it up last summer too. 


Hobby other than skating? 

I dabble in baking and pen & ink drawing. I also love playing Tetris 99. My guilty pleasure is laying in bed and binge watching TV shows all day.


Any quote you want..

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu 

Insta: @kt_flexing

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NFG Team Rider

1.Where are you from, where are you now? 

Born & raised in Healdsburg, still here.


2.How long have you skated for?

I started mid-2018, roughly 3 and a half years.


3.Favorite Spot?

Tough question, there are too many good ones. 


4.What's your current set up?

I currently ride Moxi Jack boots, Suregrip rock plates, CIB slide block & wide trucks, & the 54 Vee wheels.


5.Favorite skaters/influences?

Off the top of my head: JaQuan Owen, Gal of Fray, Duke Rennie, Desi Jones, Addiroller, Louie Barletta, Breana Geering, & John Gardner.


6.Any hometown hero's you looked up to?

As corny as it sounds, the pals that I currently skate with. 


7.Hobby other than "skating"? - (Sry im so nieve should I say quadding or something like that?)

Hahaha other than "quadding" I also enjoy arting, welding & I've just started guitaring as well.


8.Any quote you want

My dad always told me "You're too young to be bored" as a kid & it still applies.

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 Insta: @leonetti.spaghetti



Big Time Skateboard Guy

Where are you from, where are you now?

From Palo Alto CA, living in Oakland CA


How long have you skated for?

20+ Yrs

Favorite spot? 

Lincoln City Park


Whats your current set up?

NFG 54mm Rose Square Shape, Endless 8.5”, 149 Ace Trucks, Bronson Regs


favorite skaters/influences?

First off all hail Cardiel, Phil Shao, Gonz- too many to name! Mike V! Of course all the homies!


Any hometown hero’s you looked up to?

Dominick in the 6th grade, king of the airwalk!


Hobby other than skating?

All things art. Good food and friends!

Any quote you want..

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”- Bukowski

Current affiliations/sponsors

NFGMFG, Redcurbs Skateshop, Endless Skateboards

Insta: @itystone

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NFG Team Rider

Preferred pronouns: she/her


Insta @‘s: sport.modeee


Where are you from, where are you now?: born and currently living in San Jose, ca


How long have you skated for? I used to skate when I was a kid, but i got into aggressive skating in September 2020.


Favorite spot? Newark skatepark. I also love street skating.


Whats your current set up? Moxi Jack boots with Avanti magnesium plate, penny wide trucks, nfg teardrop wheels, redz bearings, and Chaya cherry bomb toe stop.


favorite skaters/influences? Estro Jen & Rollergoolie


Any hometown hero’s you looked up to? N/a


Hobby other than skating? Thrifting and cooking


Any quote you want: “Sorry I can’t today, I’m busy skating”

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 Insta: @sport.modeee


Sam Lacroix

NFG Team Rider

Pronouns: they/it

I'm from Torrance and lived in Oceanside since 2010

Current set up: Suregrip Boardwalks in black with an Avanti Mag Plate on Huck Trucks, 52mm Teardrop Rose NFG’s and rockstar ceramic bearings… still finding slider i like 

I have a huge list of favorite skaters but AJ Nelson, Chris Russel and Ruby Lilley come to mind right now. 

My hometown Hero has gotta be the trenchcoat guy. Look him up lol

Outside of skating I'm a very creative person and I love to cook, play dress up, and make art out of anything I can. I’m also currently putting together a tattoo art portfolio ;)

-”Deez Nut,” - Welven Da Great 

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 Insta: @hellosh1tty

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Vanessa (Gisel)

NFG Team Rider

From: Central Valley

Now: Constantly driving away from there


Been skating for 6 years


Favorite Spot: Newark skatepark


Current Set up: Nfg 56mm Rose Vee Wheels, Riddell 336 on a sure grip Avanti magnesium plate with XOX trucks  


Favorite Skater/Influencer: estro/abri and adriana


Dont have any hometown heroes I hate It there


Hobbys: making mini skate edits of my friends filming/photography


Quote: you just gotta yeet your body

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 Insta: @cute_emoqueen


NFG Team Rider

Preferred pronouns: She/her/hers


Where are you from, where are you now? From: Small town middle of nowhere, Arkansas

Now: Hayward, CA


How long have you skated for?

Since October 2020


Favorite spot?

Newark Skatepark for those grinds and the Half Moon Bay mini for the views


Whats your current set up?

Boot: Bont Parkstar

Plate: Sunlite

Trucks: XOXO

Blocks: Bigfoot Sliders

Bearing: Bones Swiss 6

Bushings: Bones soft

Wheels: NFG MFG tear drops in 54mm


favorite skaters/influences?

Katie Thompson (@helloktx) for that vert skating inspiration

Kathleen Macias (@skatexwytch) for the style and general badassery


Any hometown hero’s you looked up to?

Katie Ly (@KT_Flexin) is my grind god

Eric Salt (@swagfirst) for style and steez

Plus the crew ❤️


Hobby other than skating?

I enjoy casual gardening (veggies and a few indoor plants). I was also a musician in a previous life.


Any quote you want:

Things that you might hear me say often while skating: “Not today Skaten!” or “Cams out slams out.”

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 Insta: @avirtualskate



NFG Team Rider

My birth took place in a city called Fountain Valley, Orange County. I now stay close to the waters inner Bay Area.

I picked up skating from my older sister when I was as young as 8 and started taking it serious when I landed my first kick flip at the age of 10.

Favorite spot I just went recently for the first time is Jefferson HS in south city.

I got NFGs size 60 for those rough streets, got a polar board with the wheel Wells cut out for my wheel bite prevention, got the Bronson bearings with the ace trucks size 149s and indy
risers because I used to skate indy trucks. Mob grip tape. All from Redcurbs skateshop btw.

It’s hard to pick a favorite rider, I like to look to my peers within the inner circle for inspiration. But I do love Oski’s style for the graceful flow through some transition, also Milton for the street because he attacks spots with all the speed.

I looked up to my homeboy Niko for his steez + trick selection my whole teenage life as a skater.






I can run for days, I eat hills for breakfast.

“I can’t fold, some poor soul got it way worse.”

So far I’ve been blessed enough to represent red curbs skateshop and I owe it to NFG MFG for rolling around the way I do for sure.

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 Insta: @squidzotix